Fred Boyer has traveled the world but he has remained close to his roots in Anaconda Montana where he grew up, went to high school and went on to major in art education at Montana State University in Bozeman. His family recognized Fred's artistic talents early. "I was always painting or drawing" he says, crediting an aunt, whom he considered an accomplished artist, as an inspiration. From early on, his family encouraged him to develop his talents.
After graduating from college, he went to Sitka, Alaska where he taught art in the public schools, and worked as a hunting guide in the summers.

He loves Alaska, but Montana kept calling him back home. He returned to Montana and taught art in the public schools for 14 years. "Teaching art is a learning experience for the teacher as well as the student" he says, recollecting his years in the education profession.
Although Boyer studied sculpture in college, he didn't get really serious with sculpture until he had been teaching for 5-6 years.

"The first pieces I did were pretty rough" he recalls. Finding time for his talent wasn't easy. He was teaching full time and working as a smoke jumper for the Forest Service in the summer months. By putting in long evenings and weekends however, he succeeded in improving his art, and began to find a market in area galleries. He was still teaching at the time his works were first admitted to the prestigious C.M.Russell Western Art Auction in Great Falls Montana.

In 1983, Boyer found himself at a crossroads. Following a major plant closure, the public school system had to make some cuts, and told Boyer he'd have to take on additional subjects to keep his job. "I figured this was the sign I was waiting for, to become a full-time artist" But, he recalls, with a bit of a shudder at the memory, It was pretty scary at first, not having the security of a paycheck." However, through hard work and dedication, Boyer has established himself and won widespread recognition in the art world. He has been the featured artist at many art shows, and his works have frequently won recognition as Best of Show or People's Choice in art shows. His works can be seen at many galleries and shows around the world. Link to Exhibitions.

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